This calendar is provided for the benefit of all Tradition members so that covens can schedule their rituals, activities and plans without conflicts. Each coven is indicated by a different color dot which represents any coven activity (sabbat, esbat, spellwork, meet & greet, community activity, etc) based on their coven calendars. If any covener sees an error in this public calendar (or their private one), please contact the ASAP so that it can be corrected.

Apple Blossom Coven Three Rivers Coven Wheat & Wine Coven
Cowiche Coven Lady of the Lake Coven Four Moons Coven
Rattlesnake Coven Green Man Coven Coven of Tsagagalal

NOTE: all covens shut down for winter (Samhain thru Imbolc).
Some covens willing to open their doors to new applicants conduct interviews in November, December and January.

Saturdays closest to Full Moon
Full Moon & Dark Moon
Saturdays closest to Full Moon
Every Tuesday
Alternating Wednesdays
Every Tuesday
Every Saturday
Alternating Thursdays