Merry Meet... and welcome to the public website of the Columbian Tradition of Wicca. We're glad you stopped by. This website serves three basic functions: to provide the witches of our covens with timely information surrounding our Tradition's activities and events, to alert interested parties in our community to our Tradition's existence in the event they are seeking Wiccan fellowship, and to provide yet another safe and public face of Wicca in the states of Washington and Oregon. It is never our intention to proselytize our religion, but it is our intention to make accurate information about it available to those who are genuinely seeking it. If you have any questions or comments about our site and its content, our purpose or activities, please feel free to email us at

Our covens are egalitarian, non-hierarchical, eclectic circles of witches who practice the religion of Wicca (Columbian Tradition), generally located in the Columbia River Basin and the Columbia River Gorge in the states of Washington and Oregon (although we now also have a new branch in Colorado). If you are unfamiliar with the religion of Wicca and wish to learn more about the kind of Wicca we practice, we invite you to view our General Beliefs page or more specifically our Columbian Wicca page. We have also provided a small description of our Holidays throughout the year and a small sampling of our regular Liturgy. We also invite you to read any of the texts listed on our Study Sources pages to learn more about our path. For those of you who are already familiar with the religion of Wicca and wish a more detailed overview of our Tradition's history, structure, philosophies and bylaws, we invite you to view our Coven Profile page. We have also provided a modest Stores page with links for those seeking 'witchy' resources in our area, but a reminder that just about anything a witch would ever need can be found outside.

If you're interested in the process of joining one of our covens, we invite you to read the content of our To Join page. It not only answers the most common questions we are asked by applicants, but it also gives you a sense of what will be required of you in time and effort if you are seriously interested in joining. We do not wish to waste our time (or yours) if your interest in Wicca is casual. If it is your sincere will to be involved with one of our covens, we look forward to discussing that possibility with you.

The content of this website (the Columbian Wicca 4-crescent logo, all website graphics, text, HTML coding, and liturgies unless specifically noted) is protected under copyright (©) law (yup... we actually did the paperwork). We have deliberately kept graphic content on every webpage to a minimum to speed along the loading of textual content for those with a slower Internet connection, and we've put a lot of creativity, thought, effort and time into crafting our website. We hope you find it useful.

The Founding Members of the Columbian Tradition of Wicca